Sjelborg camping

Marbæk plantage

Located in the Wadden Sea National Park which is part of the UNESCO World Heritage Site

Opening:  10 April 2021 to 19 September 2021

With only 600 meters to Ho Bay, and a child-friendly beach, it is a very beautiful recreation area by Marbæk.

The site is with modern facilities, large playground, mini golf  and 14 well-appointed cabins.

Good surroundings for nature hiking and biking. Furthermore, there is at the site a Fishing Lake in a scenic area surrounded by Sjelborg Plantation.

Fishing Lake and competitions
Times on the 3 fishing competitions:

Saturday D. 29 May 2021
Saturday D. 10 July 2021
Saturday D. 07 August 2021

The competitions from 09.00 – 15.00. There will be sold fishing cards, sausages,

Soft drinks and beer from the lodge. There will be prices for the 4 biggest fish.

There can only be cached 3 fish per person, and it’s not allowed to release already cached fish. The fish will be controlled at the lodge.

The competitions are for campers and guests only.